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(maximum 3 children total)

Intake (non-refundable one-time fee)
$50.00 per parent (unless stipulated by court order)

Supervised Visitation Monitoring (2 hour minimum)
$45.00 per hour for one child
$75.00 per hour (Holiday fee)

Out of State Monitoring
$350 per day
$450 per day (Holiday fee)

Overnight Monitoring
$300 per night
$400 per night (Holiday fee)

Supervised Exchange Monitoring (complete pick up/drop off)
$35.00 per parent (Regular exchange)
$50.00 per parent (Holiday exchange)

Telephone (3 way calling) (Not to exceed 1 hour)

FaceTime & Skype Monitoring (Not to exceed 1 hour)

*Additional child/ren - $5.00 added to visitation (No more than 2 additional children)


*Non-custodial parent is responsible for entrance fees for monitor to destination excursions.
(e.g., movies, amusement parks, sport events, etc.)


*Non-custodial parent is responsible for monitor’s accommodations for overnight or out of state
monitoring (e.g., airfare, lodging, meals, as needed)


*Visitation monitoring does not include travel or mileages fee.


*Out of State Travel Fee
$55.00 per hour (includes traffic time for driving).

Check with monitor for details and any restrictions.


*Mileage Fee (over 30 miles to location)
$0.55 a mile


Court Appearance
$100.00 per hour plus travel time


Reports (upon request)


One copy of any prepared report (sent directly to court) Cost determined at the time need


Summary report within 10 business day $75.00 


Summary report within 3-5 business day $125.00


Detailed report within 10 business day $150.00 


Detailed report within 3-5 business day $200.00


The Summary Report consists of a list of visitation dates, times, and locations only.

The Detailed Summary Report gives a list of visitation dates and specific details of each visit.



Fees are subject to change within a 14 day advance notice!

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